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Life of a mom: installment four, scattered

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I’m not one of those organized moms.  I can’t claim quite to be bohemian, because frankly, I work (and worry) too much for that.  I also can’t say, “the house is a mess, but the kids are happy,” because my older daughter still feels a little abandoned and betrayed by me, since she had me to herself for the first six years of her life.  But, already, I digress from my original intent.  I suppose that only gives a concrete example of what I mean when I say I’m scattered.

I can focus pretty well at work, with the help of reminders that pop up and ding at me from my Microsoft Outlook calendar.  I have a routine there, something I haven’t established well at home.  This, however, is subject matter for another installment.

Yesterday, my scattered-ness found me shopping for Easter dresses for my girls instead of having a nice cup of coffee all by my lonesome self.  I found them, a pretty pink for my girly older daughter and a sweet floral print with lace touches, all in a blissful blue, for the younger kidlet. 

In my happiness at having found their dresses, I also forgot we were out of conditioner.

So, today, we are still out of conditioner.  But hey, the kids like their dresses AND had fun at the zoo yesterday, so it’s all good!


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