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What I love on Wednesday

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My two little rebels, who are my constant source of pride and anxiety! My husband when he holds my hand. And the rest of the time, even when he’s being a dumb boy. A hot bath. The way morning light wakes me before the alarm. Popcorn. Taking pictures of adorable babies. My pets. Finding a reason to laugh instead of crying. Memories of former friends. July. The weather this week. Driving (as long as I can block out my knowledge of gas prices, that is). C. Fitzsimmons Photography A good book. A busy day at work. Coffee. Even lousy coffee is better than no coffee. My mom. My complicated extended family. A busy work day. Dreaming about being a photographer full time. Positive quotes. Sleep. Waking. Sunshine. Swimming. Walking. My online friends.


Me too

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For anyone who has ever questioned why I’m open about my struggles… this sums it up. If someone out there can see my struggles and relate, and see that even in the struggle, you can have hope and try to be positive – or even if knowing about my issues helps just one person not feel so alone, then I will continue to be open and honest about living with bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc. I am not alone. My thoughts and feelings just ARE, neither good nor bad. My life is far from perfect but it’s mine and I will never judge another because he or she doesn’t hide behind a mask of “everything is wonderful” or because he or she isn’t successful in the eyes of this society.

Be kind to yourself!

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A Time to Love Yourself

Those times when you look at your reflection long enough

That you see only a person, flawed to be certain,

But only human, maybe with a trace of people you love:

Your grandmother’s eyes, your mother’s nose,

A smile that sends a twinkle to your eye that is a family trait,

And you see that you are just a person, flawed to be certain,

But also a miracle, beloved, capable, part of something bigger.

When you look long enough into your own eyes

To see the hurt hiding there at the harsh criticism you’ve inflicted

And you see yourself trying to hide behind sarcasm and uncertainty,

This is the time to forgive yourself,

Accept and embrace the body

That moves you from one place to another,

That enjoys a cool breeze on a hot day,

This is the time to love yourself,

Body, mind and spirit.

A Time to Love Yourself by Karen Ballou©

A Prayer for Today

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Love this!

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7 Lovely Logics

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You may have seen this before, as I have, but for me, every time I read it, I pause for a moment… I really like these lovely logics.  How often do we forget, in the rush of our daily lives, these truths? 

Life is short…

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Life is too short to harbor resentment, host jealousy or embrace fear. 
It’s too short to sit back and wait for something great to happen, without chasing after it with all your energy. 
It’s too short to forget to tell your loved ones exactly how you feel about them. 
Life is too short to lament the potential you wasted; instead, gather up that potential and do something with it – or seek a spirit of contentedness in who you are, where you are and what you have.
Live each day. 
I didn’t say exist, but LIVE. 
Be an active participant in your life, take your time when you can, take responsibility when it’s yours to take and take the road less traveled to find a sense of achievement and wonder. 
Take nothing and no one for granted; life is short.

Life Is Short by Karen Ballou ©