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Decision: depression? I don’t think so. Sort of a poem. Only sort of.

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Selfish because energy is lacking? Because tears too readily fall? Back off with your loose lips flapping, If you’ve heard one you’ve heard ’em all. It’s easy to judge from outside the disease, Point fingers and offer advice, Maybe, just maybe, stop your ignorance please, Your judgment comes at a price. The price you pay you’ll come to see Is stigma perpetuated, friendship wilted, Don’t tell me what is wrong with me, I won’t be bullied, I won’t be guilted. Depression is not selfish. Take heed. Depression is disease NOT choice, It’s not uneducated opinions I need. If you’re my friend, then hear my voice! No one would wish to feel this way! So kindly keep your wisdom to yourself, Be mindful of the words you say. Do your research; I’m too tired to explain to someone else.


A struggling story…

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A story is trying to work its way out of me. In bits and scraps; I guess I’ll edit & piece it together later…:

Have you ever wanted something so badly that the force of wanting became a physical pain? Like if you couldn’t have it… be it… do it… the lack of that something might kill you? Have you ever felt this way, but failed too often in your endeavors to attain the something to continue to risk the aching frustration of failure?

So, there’s the pain – non-fulfillment – and the void and you learn to accept, sometimes with a bitter taste in your mouth, that it is what it is and that hope, expectations, dreams – get you Nowhere.

This is the place where you (almost) convince yourself you never really wanted that something. This is the run-down shack where you give up.