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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Days 234/365 – 237/365 photos

Day 234, 8/21/12, my daughter and a friend playing dress up

Day 235, 8/22

Day 236, 8/23

Day 237, 8/24


234-237/365+ proof of God’s love

I’ve been in a mixed state for the past couple of weeks (that’s hypomania combined with depression – not sleeping, high anxiety, awful irritability) and I’m exhausted but I’m also going to be okay. It’s in the knowledge that this feeling passes that has shown me God’s love this week.

Day 235/365 photos

Cat in the window

Day 234/365 photos

Little girls playing dress up

Day 233/365 photos

My beautiful ten-year-old, relaxing on the couch with her old mom.

232/365+ proof of God’s love

In a few sweet moments with my family yesterday I felt God’s love

Day 232/365 photos