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88/365+ proof of God’s love


I thought I posted this yesterday, because I remember thinking about it, but apparently I didn’t… at any rate, I’m always in awe of the multitude of spiderwebs on this bridge.  I know you can’t see them in this photo, but there is at least one spiderweb on each of the upper full diamond shapes on the iron railing, sometimes as many as four between that diamond and the half-diamond at the top.  What dazzling masterpieces!  How they reflect the sunlight in twinkling shininess and when it’s sprinkling or foggy and dewy, they trap tiny droplets of water like sparkly gemstones. 

Yet these amazing webs, most of which held debris blown around the area on such a windy day as it was, but also an insect or two, are made by creatures many fear.  Just look at their handiwork if you want to know God’s love.  People are so often afraid of or repulsed by spiders, and I admit I’m not their biggest fan, but yet even while almost made villains by man, God gave them this perfect way to trap food, this amazing ability to create a thing of beauty and function.  As I walk past these webs almost daily, I’m humbled to think that if a creature small as a spider is beloved thus, how much does the Father love us?  Even when we may not feel it, that love is there, and while we may not always use them, He has given each of us wondrous gifts, too.  Are you using the gifts and talents bestowed upon you, as the spider uses its gifts?  I know I’m often guilty of not doing so, but still, God loves me -and you.