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234-237/365+ proof of God’s love

I’ve been in a mixed state for the past couple of weeks (that’s hypomania combined with depression – not sleeping, high anxiety, awful irritability) and I’m exhausted but I’m also going to be okay. It’s in the knowledge that this feeling passes that has shown me God’s love this week.


232/365+ proof of God’s love

In a few sweet moments with my family yesterday I felt God’s love

231/365+ proof of God’s love

My sister Missy got married yesterday. My family structure is kind of a long story, but in the relationship and love we have now, I feel God’s love.

230/365+ proof of God’s love

Weekends… two days to get away from the desk, get outside and get together with family and friends… in days of rest (even though I know I won’t actually be “resting”) show me God’s love 🙂

229/365+ proof of God’s love

God made me; in learning to accept who I am, as I am, I’m feeling God’s love.

228/365+ proof of God’s love

This makes me chuckle

Yesterday, my mood was lousy. This made me laugh and in humor once again I found God’s love.

227/365+ proof of God’s love


I thoroughly enjoyed shooting photos of a Lake Michigan sunset Saturday evening. Yesterday, God’s love was revealed to me through those photos, as I sat cropping and straightening horizons; not just in the beauty, but also in the calm conveyed to me. There is something about water, the sight, the sound of any body of water, vast or tiny, that pleases my soul and helps me to relax.