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Maybe next time ’round

As you may or may not know, I’ve been trying to go pro as a photographer. Bad things keep happening – car trouble, technology trouble, lack of time and lack of funds and low self-esteem made lower by the way I undervalue myself (honestly, I made LESS THAN A DOLLAR AN HOUR on my last photo shoot because I’m charging too little). I’m battling anxiety and depression and not sleeping well; having hot flashes and gaining a pound a week.

All of that said, I’m ending this challenge once more. I made it farther than last time, so maybe next time ’round, I’ll finish!!

In the meantime, I may or may not post here sometimes. I can be found on facebook at


Photo Challenge Tardiness

With my little phone I’m still snapping away; I haven’t had a lot to say. I’ve been alternately tired/down, and too busy for my own comfort! This challenge is for myself. I will soon upload the missing days of mediocre cell phone photos, because I intend to finish this challenge this year. I hope that those of you who read my blog are doing well!

Days 234/365 – 237/365 photos

Day 234, 8/21/12, my daughter and a friend playing dress up

Day 235, 8/22

Day 236, 8/23

Day 237, 8/24

234-237/365+ proof of God’s love

I’ve been in a mixed state for the past couple of weeks (that’s hypomania combined with depression – not sleeping, high anxiety, awful irritability) and I’m exhausted but I’m also going to be okay. It’s in the knowledge that this feeling passes that has shown me God’s love this week.

Day 235/365 photos

Cat in the window

Day 234/365 photos

Little girls playing dress up

Day 233/365 photos

My beautiful ten-year-old, relaxing on the couch with her old mom.