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227/365+ proof of God’s love


I thoroughly enjoyed shooting photos of a Lake Michigan sunset Saturday evening. Yesterday, God’s love was revealed to me through those photos, as I sat cropping and straightening horizons; not just in the beauty, but also in the calm conveyed to me. There is something about water, the sight, the sound of any body of water, vast or tiny, that pleases my soul and helps me to relax.


225/365+ proof of God’s love


I almost missed church this morning, and I was scheduled to work in one of the kids’ rooms. I was in a horrible mood, argued with my husband on the way to the church and was late. It’s a good thing I went; I was in a room with 1-2 year old kiddos. With about a dozen kids, many of whom didn’t seem too excited to be there. Helping to keep the children somewhat content made me feel like I was helping. I felt useful and involved. It improved my mood 100% and gave me a sense of belonging that I really needed today. In this gift, I felt God’s love.

224/365+ proof of God’s love


I didn’t feel like doing much of anything yesterday. My husband, daughters and I went to Muskegon to my sister’s house. I talked with my family about a few things and as I was talking to my mom, I thought about my kids and my relationship with them. There were times when my mom wasn’t really present when I was a child. She was there, but not. Some bad things happened. In our ability to forgive one another, I felt God’s love and was also comforted by the knowledge that I have a decent relationship with my mom now, and I am thankful that while sometimes I feel like I’d like to retreat and hide from the world, I force myself to be present for my children. Kids cannot comprehend that when a parent is depressed, it’s not got anything to do with them. It’s easier for me to try to stay up and moving than to have to try to explain to them and hope someday they’d forgive me.

223/365+ proof of God’s love

Wonderful lyrics that speak to me make me feel God’s love.

222/365+ proof of God’s love


I’ve been down. In the middle of my troubles I’m blessed with encouragement and it renews my faith. I thank Him for the relationships with which He has blessed me. So much of His love, expressed through others!

221/365+ proof of God’s love

I’m once again humbled by having JUST ENOUGH when I worried terribly we didn’t have even that.  I’m so glad He loves us and hears our prayers.

220/365+ proof of God’s love


I was soooooooo tired last night! Trying to find a balance, as always, and struggling, I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. I’ve been in a place where I’m ready to quit the idea of being a photographer part-time. My two-year-old never sleeps, so in order to edit photos and prepare discs for my clients, I have top wait until 11:00pm-12:00am to even start the process. Then, I work a half-hour’s drive from home, from 8:30am-5:00pm (7:00pm) on Wednesdays. Yes, I’ve been close to quitting the photography because my job is what pays rent and provides my family with health insurance. However, and this is where I find God’s love, I’ve always been pretty persistent, even in the face of adversity. I’ve prayed about doing this and I feel I’m being led. I don’t think photography will ever be full time for me, but I do think I’m pretty good and I work cheap and I know a lot of people who really can’t afford to pay someone hundreds of dollars to take family pictures. That’s where I fit. Amongst people like myself, hard-working and honest but without two dimes to rub together. I think people like us deserve the chance to preserve precious memories of our kids, our lives, despite a lack of funds. I know I’ll never get rich doing this, but that isn’t my goal. I just love photography and want to help others. God will help me find the balance I need to make this work.