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232/365+ proof of God’s love

In a few sweet moments with my family yesterday I felt God’s love


Day 232/365 photos


231/365+ proof of God’s love

My sister Missy got married yesterday. My family structure is kind of a long story, but in the relationship and love we have now, I feel God’s love.

Day 231/365 photos

Saturday was BUSY! This is my ten-year-old, dolled up for her aunt’s wedding reception, outfit completed by her new favorite piece of jewelry, a mockingjay pin.

230/365+ proof of God’s love

Weekends… two days to get away from the desk, get outside and get together with family and friends… in days of rest (even though I know I won’t actually be “resting”) show me God’s love 🙂

Day 230/365 photos

TGIF!! It was a LONG week!!

229/365+ proof of God’s love

God made me; in learning to accept who I am, as I am, I’m feeling God’s love.