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213/365+ proof of God’s love


This is a photo of me. This is the face of a victim of child sexual abuse. No, this THIS is the face of a survivor. A wonderful lady asked me yesterday whether I’ve ever prayed about what happened to me when I was a child. I haven’t. I’ve had counseling for PTSD and I’ve forgiven my abusers and everyone involved, and I have mostly overcome, but I have spent my life trying to do so under my own power. Yesterday, I cried. This prayer is going to take some time and I’ll need to be alone, so I’ve not prayed yet. I know HE knows my heart and I will come to Him the broken, ruined child I once was and though I’ve survived, I sometimes still am. I will ask for His peace and praise Him for getting me through the rough patches, even when I was too wrapped in pain to remember to call on Him. He is Lord of all, big and small, and in this, in the gentle reminder of this which I received yesterday, I find God’s love.


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  1. I am sad to read this…I hope you find inner peace!

  2. I am soooo excited for you!!! You have opened yourself up to such Love and Peace! Oh trust that God hears you (He’s always has) and is celebrating with me about you!! He’s known this to be a great change for you but it was for You to know it to be that. You must not only forgive those of your past, but thank them for bringing you closer to God and yourself. Be strong to thank them and love them. Move past the pain and celebrate your life and the Love of God which is being shown to you and experienced by you. Forgive yourself for ever doubting yourself, for hidding your Light from all those you need your warmth and nourishment. Thank yourself for now opening your door to let this light through and Love to come and go freely. YOU GO GIRL!!! I’ll be toasting to you tonight – I’ve got a bottle of Moscotto I’ve been wanting to let breathe. Thanks to you I now have a reason! Love Always!


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