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Be kind to yourself!

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A Time to Love Yourself

Those times when you look at your reflection long enough

That you see only a person, flawed to be certain,

But only human, maybe with a trace of people you love:

Your grandmother’s eyes, your mother’s nose,

A smile that sends a twinkle to your eye that is a family trait,

And you see that you are just a person, flawed to be certain,

But also a miracle, beloved, capable, part of something bigger.

When you look long enough into your own eyes

To see the hurt hiding there at the harsh criticism you’ve inflicted

And you see yourself trying to hide behind sarcasm and uncertainty,

This is the time to forgive yourself,

Accept and embrace the body

That moves you from one place to another,

That enjoys a cool breeze on a hot day,

This is the time to love yourself,

Body, mind and spirit.

A Time to Love Yourself by Karen Ballou©


A Prayer for Today

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179/365+ proof of God’s love

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I have bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder, as I’ve mentioned in the past. Even on medication, sometimes I have mood swings. Currently, several stressors have been affecting my mood: I’m waiting to hear about a local job for which I applied last week, waiting for the results of the biopsy I had done Monday and while I’m relieved my daughter came through her surgery well, it was stressful waiting for her to come out of surgery and I’m still keeping an eye on her for fever, bleeding, etc. On top of all of this, we are car-less with less than $800 to spend on a vehicle, my husband is still unemployed, we’re behind on rent and I haven’t had one phone call or email asking about photographs since publishing my Shining Star Photography website. Everything feels unstable and uncertain. Thank God for bringing me a spouse who is mostly understanding of my mood swings. We don’t always agree, but we love one another and in our love is God’s.

Day 179/365 photos

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Muffin loves to have her ears scratched.

178/365+ proof of God’s love

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The first flutter of another life growing in my womb gave new meaning to the word “love” and when one of my children is sick, injured, hurt or in danger in any way, my heart totally lives outside my body and with my baby. In God’s protection of my daughter during surgery today and in the fact that she isn’t suffering in a lot of pain tonight and seems to be resting well, I feel His precious love and I am so very thankful!

Life of a mom: installment thirteen, WAITING

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We await their birth eagerly, counting every day, every kick. We wait for them to say “Mama” and melt our hearts. We wait for them to walk, to be out of diapers, to start school. I’m in the waiting stages on potty training and school starting with one of my children. With the other, I’m waiting with dread boy-craziness, first dance, first date, drivers training… I’m so thankful for every stage and wait more patiently than when I was a young mother, when my firstborn was little, but today I’m not feeling so patient. Today, I’m waiting for my ten-year-old as she has a tonsillectomy. I know she’ll be fine. That doesn’t make waiting any easier. This waiting does make me grateful for my children’s overall health, when I know their are mommas out there whose babies are in hospital with less routine problems. My heart goes out to those mothers.

Day 178/365 photos

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My ten-year-old is having a tonsillectomy this morning. I know it’s a routine, outpatient surgery, but she’s my little girl and I’m a little nervous. I know I’ve shared the story of her premature birth and stories about her sassiness; I’m not completely unused to being worried where she’s concerned! So right now, I’m praying that God’s hands and knowledge will be with the surgeon and anesthetist and that He will keep my girl safe and heal her quickly.