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For anyone who has ever questioned why I’m open about my struggles… this sums it up. If someone out there can see my struggles and relate, and see that even in the struggle, you can have hope and try to be positive – or even if knowing about my issues helps just one person not feel so alone, then I will continue to be open and honest about living with bipolar disorder, anxiety, etc. I am not alone. My thoughts and feelings just ARE, neither good nor bad. My life is far from perfect but it’s mine and I will never judge another because he or she doesn’t hide behind a mask of “everything is wonderful” or because he or she isn’t successful in the eyes of this society.


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  1. This is me 5,000,000,000 percent. I may just tell the mailwomen of my 3 babies in heaven, 2 miscarried and 1 Francis William came much to early, Look I’m telling you now incredibly personal information. I put myself out there on a daily basis,in the hopes that someone will either say wow me too, even if they only say it to themselves, so that I may be an example, that life is hard but if we share it with others it can be therapeutic on both ends.


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