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165/365+ proof of God’s love

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In music that mellowed my mood, slow and bluesy and raw, this evening I felt God’s love.  In ten minutes of solitude while I returned some books to the library, enjoying the smooth humming of music through my car speakers, I felt God’s love.  I also realized I’m beginning to like Lansing, beginning to think of it as home… Shhh don’t tell anyone!


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  1. I think I may have made it up to Lansing once or twice while I lived in Michigan. I feel Gods love the most in the solitude of taking a walk outside really early in the morning when nothing is stirring except the wind. I know that it is God stirring that wind and it makes me feel close to him. We have the best conversations during those times 😉

    • I love early morning, too. Although my good intentions to go out walking early, before work, usually fail lol

      I’m enjoying your 30 days of thanks. I have been reading, just haven’t had much time to comment on anything. I have a hard time finding a few minutes to write my blog lately!


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