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159/365+ proof of God’s love

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This is for yesterday, Thursday, June 7th.  I fell asleep on our loveseat last night; I think I ate too many carbs!!  So I was OUT after I fell asleep, although at some point, I did go upstairs to bed.

I had some big thoughts yesterday concerning God and how He, in and of Himself, IS LOVE.  Yes, He will also be our judge and He is not always going to be the gentle Father.  Would that be love, anyway, if He were too lenient with His children?  How many parents do you know who want to be their kids’ best friend, instead of the parent who should teach, guide and discipline?  Many try, but that isn’t parenting and isn’t what kids need.  They need the security of loving but firm parents.  They need to be taught right from wrong.  They need to learn from their parents that there are consequences, good or bad, for pretty much every action, or the real world, without Mom or Dad to instruct, is going to be a hard new home for them. 

So, then, as I thought these things yesterday and realized that God loves us and will forgive us if we accept Jesus is the Savior who has died to pay the debt for our sins, and then ask the Father’s forgiveness through Jesus, but that He is a firm Father.  I’m sure He’d love for all of us to just love Him in return, and to obey Him, but we don’t.  He who made us knows we need His guidance and His discipline and in providing those, my heart and soul recognize His love.


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