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Happy Mother’s Day

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To all of you moms who have lived through hearing that first heartbeat, feeling that first kick, sleepless nights with a collicky infant or teething toddler, peanut butter handprints on your walls, dandelion bouquets gracing your table, the “me do it” phase, reading the same book every night for two months, answering every “why?”, drying tears and bandaging  scraped knees when your baby is learning to ride a bicycle, drying tears and bandaging hearts when a friend ignores your child, a pet dies or a crush doesn’t know she exists, prom night, graduation, wedding days and grandchildren, and everything in between, I wish you a very happy, blessed Mother’s Day.  I know you’ve known just about the greatest love a human can experience & I wish each of you much more of the same.  God bless you.


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  1. A very special Happy Mothers Day to You my friend hugs


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