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127/365+ proof of God’s love

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God’s love?  Where’s the evidence of it here and now?  How do I know it applies to me and to anyone who chooses to accept it?

Have you ever had a hug from a natural hugger, who puts love into that embrace and you just FEEL its realness?  A hug like a mom might give her toddler when she falls down and scrapes her knee, a hug that makes everything better, even if only for as long as that hug lasts?  I hope you have had hugs like that, not only as a child.  Not everyone has the gift of hugs.  I’ve been outrageously blessed with a couple of friends who happen to have the gift of the healing hug (pictured above is my super-hug-talented cousin Liz, hugging her daughter).  In a hug from a really great hugger, I definitely find proof of God’s love.  What a gift!


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  1. have you ever felt a hug from God? I have quite a few times in my life when I didn’t have anyone else to hug me.


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