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117/365+ proof of God’s love


I’m feeling chaotic.  My house is a mess and no one wants to help tidy things and after working all day and grocery shopping after work, having eaten very little and thus feeling a bit hypoglycemic, and dealing with an intense bout of PMS, the last thing I wanted to do when I finally got home was to pick up everyone’s messes.  So I didn’t.  I ate dinner and tried to ignore the mess that increases the chaos inside me and I was doing well until my ten year old started having screaming fits about homework.  I didn’t handle things well, not at all.  Tired and no longer able to overlook the chaos, I became angry and suicidal.  No, I didn’t do anything.  This isn’t the first time my knowledge of God’s love has saved me from myself.  I will continue to have faith and I will fight to be positive, because I’ve so often witnessed firsthand His love, it’s time for me to stop taking it for granted.


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  1. hang in there, the mess is the last thing on your priority list hugs

    • It’s just exacerbating my anxiety; I’m trying to ignore it because if I start straightening things up and no one helps, I get really angry, and if I start and there is more than I can accomplish quickly, I get overwhelmed and discouraged. I hate being at home.


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