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Day 114/365 photos


This is a partial portrait of what depression looks like:  it’s just 8:00 p.m. and I’m in bed, avoiding my family because, frankly, I’m extremely depressed right now.  Maybe it’s just part of my bipolar cycle, maybe it’s the stress of our financial troubles, maybe my blood sugar is out of whack again, maybe it’s my older daughter’s regular screamfests, maybe it’s fear that nothing is ever going to get better, maybe I hate my job, maybe I need different meds, maybe I’m still a little freaked out about my little one choking last night.  Maybe I’m just feeling sorry for myself.  I’m too tired to fight it and there’s no one to talk to here, so I’m in bed.


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  1. even if you are depressed and you feel like God is miles away and you have no one to talk to that understands, for me, this would be the very time that I would talk to the Lord the most. Ask him the questions and tell him how you feel. Of course He knows but He wants to hear you invite him to let him work in the situation. Tell him that you just want his will. I talk right out loud. Of course I live alone. But something about it helps me have more faith that He is listening.Once you have really got the faith that God will guide you through these times, It really helps.


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