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Sometimes when I’m lying in my bath,
Water as hot as I can make it
Coloring pale skin red,
I fixate on the shower head
To turn off my thoughts –
They chase me everywhere
Often bigger than my control of them,
They’ve never taken to leashes or cages
Though there are a few medications that quieten them.
Some days I wish I were simpler,
Possessed of smaller, shallower musings…
I repeat to myself it is what it is
And fix my gaze on the shiny shower head,
Avoiding the inward looking
As well as window dreaming.

Avoidance by Karen Ballou, 2012©


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  1. I love this and I can relate very much!

  2. Zellie M. Quinn

    “Thoughts” are often unwelcome neighbors who pound on the front door, and when you don’t let them in, sneak in through the unlocked back door- preferably when you have dye in your hair! I’ve learned to lock both doors when unwelcome thoughts enter in- or better yet to invite friendly thoughts, that crowd out the unwelcome ones! Thanks for your poem.


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