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An Empty Tomb

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From this place where I am, so low,
Only human, only so much I can know,
I’ll never on this earth fully grasp the measure
Of the love so great it shares eternal treasure,
Through great pain and sacrifice and suffering
Of a Savior who became a broken king,
So that in His blood all sins might wash away
Forgiven, every one, if we have the heart to say,
“Father, I am sorry, I repent,
I now ask Jesus my Savior in,
That death may have no hold on me,
That in His sacrifice I may be free,
In Jesus’ name, I ask, forgive me everything,
I know He’s risen, Jesus Christ, my king,”
For it is written that on that third day
When the heavy stone was rolled away,
An empty tomb testified,
Our Savior Jesus was alive.

An Empty Tomb, by Karen Ballou 2012©


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