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Life of a Mom: installment seven, fake it ‘ til ya make it

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There are days when I feel empty… I’m working on strong faith that will leave me saying only, “Lord, fill me up.”

My oder daughter, MK, is a lot like me:  a worrier, an “I-need-to-know-everything” girl.   As such, she (and I) tend to sometimes wear expressions of pain, sadness, or at least deep concentration that sometimes make us appear unapproachable, and, worse, miserable.  This world can be unkind to deep-thinkers.  So, at work, I’ve pretty much nailed the fake-smile that looks real.  It’s not lying.  At worst, it’s acting – at best, it’s showing the world an outward expression of how I WANT to feel.  This particular attitude really can work, when I’m not too down, and I’m trying hard to teach MK the art of the fake-it-’til-ya-make-it act.

Today, my husband lost his job.  Not only will I plaster that smile on my face, I will BELIEVE that everything will be okay and that God has a plan for my family.  If I falter in my faith, I’ll continue to pray, to fake it ’til I make it.


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  1. I pray God leads him to another job soon.


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