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Life of a Mom: installment six, faith and others’ opinions

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I’m a Christian.  I am nothing without God.  My life isn’t perfect, but largely the bad stuff is a result of poor decisions, for which I take full responsibility.

As a Mom, of course I share my faith with my children.  If it wasn’t for God answering the prayers of friends and family, I may not be here writing this and my older daughter may not be enjoying sleeping in because it’s Spring Break.  The basis of her life is, quite simply, that her birth, her life, are miracles.  Had I not already had faith, I’d certainly have left that hospital with it ten years ago.

I know other people have other beliefs, other opinions.  I’m not shy about sharing my own testimony, but neither do I try to force my beliefs on others.  That isn’t my style.  Neither would I judge anyone, because that is most definitely not my job.  I have close friends and family who are non-believers; I pray for them and sometimes share what God is doing in my life, but I don’t judge or withhold my love or friendship.  In my own life, I’ve heard more judgmental hype from non-believers or people who have other beliefs than I have from Christians.  It astounds me, the way many of those who say they are open-minded judge those of us who don’t share their beliefs or non-beliefs.

Of course, I will share the faith that is a part of me with my babies; I pray for their salvation maybe, selfishly, even more than anyone else’s.  I know there will come a time when they are out in the world, facing the hardships of life and all its temptations… if they are anything like their parents, they’ll make plenty of mistakes.  I’ll continue to pray and to love them and hopefully they will remember the miracles and blessings they have seen and won’t stray too far!


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