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83/365+ proof of God’s love


In the middle of a day with a frantic pace, I took my kids to McDonald’s for dinner.  Rushing as I always do, I didn’t notice that the child behind the counter had put all the drinks on one end of the tray and the two light Happy Meals on the other.  When I lifted the tray, immediately went flying to the floor my drink and one of the girls’ Shamrock shake.  What a nasty mess!  Not a single employee appeared to notice what had happened despite the fact that I hadn’t even taken a step away from the counter.  A lady in line behind me kindly offered to help me clean the mess, which we set about doing with napkins.  I don’t know whether or not the stranger was a Christian, but in her act of kindness, when I was feeling frazzled, I saw a brief glimpse of God’s love, which I admittedly was struggling to find today.


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  1. I’m glad you were able to find some kindness! Even on our worst days, it’s awesome to know that God has our backs :).


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