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79/365+ proof of God’s love


My husband doodled this for me one night while at work.  It now hangs on the bulletin board that is right in front of me at work every day.  In the love we’ve chosen to share, for better or worse, I see proof of God’s love.  My husband and I love one another even when neither of us is being very lovable.  Imagine how hard it would be for someone to love you if he or she could really see inside you and know your darkest, meanest, ugliest thoughts… I don’t know whether the choice of one human to love another if we knew each other that intimately would be enough to make the decision stick.  So God’s love for us is even stronger and a choice HE made.  He loves us even as we defy Him, even as we sin, even as we fail to love one another and even as we fail to love Him.  I am always amazed that any love could be so deep and I know that I can’t even begin to imagine its full depth.  We are so blessed, if we allow ourselves to be.


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