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71/365+ proof of God’s love


The story of Jairus’ daughter & Jesus’ resurrection of the girl was the basis of the sermon at church today & while I’ve read it before, the way it was presented today made it more real & fresh to me.  My husband and I took part with our two-year-old today in a dedication ceremony.  I did the same in a much smaller church and with less ceremony many years ago with my older daughter.  She will be ten years old in two weeks.  It’s amazing that a decade has nearly passed since I was blessed with the gift of motherhood.

On this day, I reminisced about the proof of God’s love that has been shown me through the miracle of my firstborn child.

At the time when she was born, I felt an emptiness that I thought I could fill with a child, unaware that the hole was because I’d turned my back on God.  Sinner though I was and am, on the night I miscarried my firstborn child’s twin, I was granted mercy in a continued pregnancy.  When I developed preeclampsia in March of 2002, with a due date of May 22, and was delivered of my miracle child via emergency c-section on March 25th, prayers were answered and despite her 2 lb. 14 oz. weight, she was
perfect, able to breathe fine on her own and allowed to come home with me in mid-April, still weighing under five pounds.  Many prayers, mine and others, saved her life and mine.

When she was six or seven weeks old, she spit up and choked, turning a terrifying blue.  All the while I spoke to the 911 operator I prayed that my baby’s life be spared.  She wasn’t breathing.  By the time we reached the hospital, she was fine, another prayer answered and surely nothing short of a miracle.

Rejoicing in the lives of my children and the love of the Father, I pray to possess even a fraction of the compassion He has shown me.  I pray that the next time one of my babies has a tantrum I will be reminded that God has loved me even while I’ve sinned and that I will act and react in a compassionate and loving manner.


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