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Kony 2012

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Please at least watch & share the video.  I think we Americans have become so desensitized to human suffering & we’ve been made to believe, by those few who are in power, that we can’t make a difference.  I’m inspired just now to believe otherwise.  Joseph Kony is a monster.  Together, we can make him famous; together, we can bring him to justice.


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  1. It is a very powerful video. I am getting tired of hearing people talk about how 100% all of the money collected doesn’t go to Uganda – do they not realize that there are administrative costs, travel costs and that the man who put this all together does this full time and does need compensation to take care of his own needs? Kony2012 is an amazing thing that is bringing awareness to the world of this tyrant and of those like him.

    • I totally agree, Cyndi. I don’t care if people criticize the tactics of the IC, if nothing else, they made people like me aware of something outside the little bubble in which a lot of people, myself included, seem to live. Even my nine-year-old is showing a spark of passion about this.


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