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I didn’t take many photos today, I’ve felt rather in a haze this week, restless with my job and feeling the wings of change swelling my soul, believing within myself that it’s time to move on.  But I digress.  I did take a couple of nature shots, but my lack of focus in those photos if so evident I cringe.  So, here it is.  Quite by chance, I discovered the loveliest drink today, lovely with a bit of bite.  I’m torn between calling it Orange Ginger Soy “Latte” & Orange Ginger Soy Mock Latte, in case people don’t understand why the “…”  Want the recipe?  I knew you did! 

1 orange spice black tea bag
1 ginger tea bag
1/2 packet Splenda (or just a dab of whatever sweetener you like; I’m diabetic and my artificial sweetener of choice is Splenda)
Splash of soy milk

Steep the two tea bags together in hot (not boiling) water for fifteen minutes (this is why I discovered the drink:  after fifteen minutes, the water looked like mud and I didn’t want to drink it when it was so strong… I was busy and forgot to pull the tea bags out when I meant to do so… so I added a little soy milk and half a pack of Splenda and voila, perfection).

Then, as I did, add a splash of soy milk and your sweetener and enjoy.  It tastes similar to a spiced chai latte.

Bonus:  using the same two bags, I made myself three cups of this deliciousness!


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