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Why I disagree with this

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I don’t agree with this… I don’t typically post things with which I disagree, so I hope you take a moment to read my caption…

At two or six or maybe even twelve, this may be true, but as adults, we have to at some point take the responsibility of changing who and how we are, if we don’t like it.  I’m not “just sayin” – I’m telling the truth.  Yes, events in our pasts help to shape us.  Yes, a bad experience can make life difficult; interactions with hurtful people can be maddening.  Financial worries, loss of job, unknown results of medical tests can cause a lot of stress and strain.  The decision to greet the world as a wounded victim, a wicked monster… or with a smile… that decision, as an adult, is yours.  I’m not saying I always make the right decision or that hurtful people, stressful situations and memories that sometimes disturb my sleep don’t ever bother me, but I try to greet the world with a smile.

I try to take responsibility for my reaction to others’ actions, past and present.


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