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Valentine Ramblings


Happy Day, one & all, with or without a significant other… you, yes YOU, bemoaning the fact that you don’t have a Valentine, or maybe still sleeping, or watching television or whatever… You are loved. 

I don’t think there was ever a time when I actively disliked the holiday.  I’m sure that there were times when I was indifferent and I know I disliked listening to others’ grumblings about being single.  I won’t lie… I enjoyed my single years.  There are days now when I say I’d like to go back to those times, when I’m tired & frustrated, but that’s not really true.  I’m not always little-miss-sunshine happy, but I’m happy where I am.

I am loved by awesome God,a sweet husband, two wonderful daughters, a big family and a few close friends.  Happy day!


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