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Proud Mommy Moment


Say what you will about Valentine’s Day, I respect everyone’s right to their own opinions about everything (although, getting off on a tangent here, I’ve found many people who urge open-mindedness in others often tend to be most forceful with their own opinions, almost it seems to me, to the point of belittling anyone who does not share their beliefs, but I digress), but this Valentines Day has left me a very proud mommy indeed.

My older daughter wrote out all of her Valentines for her classmates without asking for any help (and she hates writing).  When she was done with her list, she had leftovers.  This year, along with cards, I picked up little coupons from a fast food restaurant redeemable for ice cream cones, chocolate milk, etc. (I know, I know, way to promote healthy eating haha) & she had extras of these as well.  She asked me if she could give the extras to a few kids in her class who she thought would not be getting as many Valentines because they are not popular.  Her sweet idea almost made me cry happy tears, but those embarrass her, so I held back and just told her that was a great idea.

She is such an empathic, generous child.  I’m so proud of her.


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