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Who Is First in My Life?


Today, and recently, actually my entire life, I’ve struggled with faith.  I went to church this morning after an epic freak-out in reaction to my 9-year-old’s attitude & my own week with almost no sleep. 

The service at Riverview this morning was perfect, the message what I needed.  My eyes were opened today to the fact that while I love God & pray, while I am so thankful for salvation, I’ve put my children ahead of Him in my life, I’ve made them idols.  My life is inappropriately centered and so now, I pray for guidance, for the patience and the courage to change this.

I will not love my children any less by loving the One True God more & in fact in living as He wishes me to live, I know I will love everyone more and better.  I know this will not be easy, but through Christ all things are possible.


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  1. Your children are God.

    God is in every and all. As you are made in His image, so are they. The time and dedication you put into them, you are doing it, within those moments, to Him as well. Try to listen to your children, they are channels for God at times. I have a 4year old and a 14 month old. I hear God speak to me through them all the time. Even in the challenging times and the times when their personalities are being displayed, God is there. He is there to show me who I am through my caring for them. When there is a part of who I am showing in a way which is no longer conducive for me, or for the children, it is made known through them.

    Through my role as their guide and nurturer, I have experienced all that asked for at the beginning of my Spiritual Journey. These children are God’s answer to my petition for wanting to know/experience His Love for me and the world and for my petition for me wanting to know/experience how to Love as He Loves. My children are my daily lessons and they continue to be my Spiritual Journey.

    Even though I have not connected with whomever my Spiritual Mate is, I do communicate with and reside with others who I also dedicate my time and Love to, and they are also contributors to my Spiritual growth.

    So dear K.S. Ballou, I lovingly disagree with your perception of your life being inappropriately centered and I ask that you see this comment as a answer to your prayer. He has lovingly provided you with the guidence you asked for.

    I make it a conscious decision to know/experience God in all His forms. The God I know is a limitless Being who has created the most awsome thing – LIFE.


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