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Sitting at Church


I brought my older daughter, we are here at church.  My heart remains heavy but I was kept from worship last Sunday with car trouble & I know from experience, the longer I stay away, the harder it is for me to remain faithful, to stay connected to Christ.  I understand many people’s aversion to organized religion but without this fellowship, this time of gathering to praise, I become so discouraged and believe me when I say my heart and my home become fertile ground for Satan’s work and his lies when I’m discouraged.

On this morning, as I wait for the service to begin, I pray that despite the tears I shed earlier, despite the defenses I put into place in hurt and anger, that my heart be softened and opened to receive God’s Word and find His love and more importantly, my love for Him.


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  1. If the physical plane in which you feel closest to God is church, then continue to find solace and salve within that plane. As you go forward, not only listen to the words which have been written to express His Being, listen to what your Spirit is saying about Him. He is all around you as well as In You. He is nestled within the merkyness of your mind. He knows exactly Who You Are, and who you want to be; those two ideas of a being are one in the same.That is how He sees you, there is no distinction between the two for Him. His Love is what makes this so. He is working with you to get you to see yourself the way He does. Whatever it is you feel when you are at church, take it with you everytime you cross the threshold of that building. Keep the memory of those moments within that plane as you go about your daily routine – especially when it gets a little challenging. Try to imagine Him as a friend, a counselor, a coach, whatever form of being you connect to the most, as He is all these and whatever else you desire Him to be for you to experience His Love. This will bring you peace. Ask yourself everyday, “How Will I Love Myself Today”? In time you will know this question to be, “How Will I Love God Today”?


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