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It really takes more strength & courage to allow yourself to be open about your weaknesses, I believe.  Anyone can be reserved and the world may believe those people who are, have it all together & are strong.  The world may admire them for their stoicism, but that isn’t right for everyone.  I’d rather everyone know the real me, imperfections & all.  If that leaves me vulnerable, so be it.  Sometimes at our most vulnerable, we are at our strongest, as well.


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  1. Personally, I’ve always felt the more vulnerable people, or the ones who show their emotions more are the stronger people. Showing your weaknesses is never an easy task and doing so will make you stronger, and it takes a strong person to do so In the first place!

    • Thanks, Haley, for the feedback. I tend to agree, and I’m a pretty open & honest person, myself, but when I was young & struggling, I have to admit that I often admired people who were more closed, reserved & I used to wish I was more like that. I’m glad I don’t feel that way anymore.


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