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For some reason unbeknownst to me, my brain likes to take the words my eyes see and change letters on me, so even if I’m glancing at something familiar, like the words “mature content” on the Word Press dashboard, which I see daily, my brain reads it to me wrong.  This happens frequently.  Sometimes, like now, it’s no big deal.  I’m alone, I can giggle at “report content as manure” without a single person giving me a funny look.  At other times, this happens when I’m meant to be serious.  Seldom when I type “LOL” am I really doing it, but when my wandering mind cracks jokes like this, I have difficulty not actually laughing out loud.  I’m too tired yet this morning to think of any other examples of my subconscious word play, but now that I think of it, couldn’t most websites use a “report content as manure” button?

Here’s to a happy Tuesday; I’m hoping my brain taking charge of my humor today means my mood will be less foul than it was on Monday!


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  1. I rarely LOL, and further, to ROFLOL is completely uncharted territory. However I can *grin* with the best of them and once you get me *wheezing*, you may as well stick a fork in me….
    I love this manure content post!


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