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31/365+ proof of God’s love


God’s love was proven to me in so many ways today.

First, my day began with humor.  Then the sunrise was amazing & the weather warm enough for a comfortable, not frozen, walk along the river at lunchtime.  A few issues were resolved that helped to ease my mind this afternoon… I won’t bore you with the details. 

Finally, a good friend is beginning her journey as a Christian and in talking with her about her newfound faith, I’m examining my own faith and all I really need to know is that my Heavenly Father loved me and all His children so much that He sent Jesus to pay the price for our sins, so that all who believe in Jesus and accept Him as their Savior may spend eternity in Heaven. 

It’s nice that I’m able to see proof of God’s love daily in little things, but to be reminded by a person new to the faith of the most extreme way that His love was exhibited, that is a huge blessing.


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