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Day 8/365 photos


Only for a Little While

A glob of jelly on my end table,
Beside a sippy cup, milk-filled,
Your hand a sticky mess in mine,
I wish for time to be stilled…
Today as I clean one mess,
You follow, making another,
With a smile & sparkling eyes,
And I’m happy, just being your mother.
I know these times will quickly pass,
The messes, but also the smiles;
You will grow and leave my side…
I’ll recall these days across years & miles.
Forever, in my heart, you’ll be,
Wherever you go, whatever you do,
In some ways, always my baby.
I will always love you.

I chose this photo today, the first day of week two, because, quite frankly, I was too busy just being a mom to really take the time to seek a subject & this is all I have shot today.


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