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Day 4/365 photos


It was a relatively “warm” day for early January in Michigan, warm enough to let my younger daughter play outside in the sunshine.  That doesn’t happen on any weekday in any season very often, as I’m ordinarily at work all day.  Today was an unexpected blessing – our  daycare provider was unable to watch my daughter and because it was short notice, no one else was available to watch her & I got to spend the day just being Mommy.

I seem to have become distracted, don’t I?  Never fear, I’m about to tie the above information neatly  together with the photo of my denim-clad knee lit by *sunshine* on a Wednesday.  I work at an office, so jeans on a Wednesday is just as uncommon as playing  outdoors with my daughter on a Wednesday.

Today’s photo may not look like much, but it brings a smile to my face.  Sometimes a photo doesn’t have to be for someone else’s pleasure.


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  1. I am so glad you had such a lovely day with the baby. I savor those rare days when they happen.


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