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My Daughter’s Hands

A poem by K.S. (McGlamery) Ballou

My daughter’s hands, once so tiny,
When her delicate fingers
Could scarcely close ’round my thumb,
Now nearly match my own, but memory lingers.
As I recall those tired days,
Driving with one hand on the steering wheel,
The other comforting my baby girl,
My hands alone had the power to fulfill
Her every precious need;
I won’t waste the time to inquire
Where the time has gone.
Watching her grow has made me aspire
To be the best I can be, though I often fall short…
I know the time remaining when
She will let me hold her hand
With or without questioning will all too quickly end.


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  1. This is beautiful, Karen!

    • Thank you, Cyndi. I cannot believe my girl who came into this world weighing 2 lbs. 14 oz. is now almost as tall as I am, has fingers exactly as long as mine & will be a double digit age in fewer than three months!!


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